The Museum School

Personnel Committee

Regular Meeting - Tuesday January 8th, 2019 @7:00 PM

Meeting Summary of Actions

Meeting Summary

The Personnel Committee met on Tuesday January 8th, 2019 @7:00 PM for what was scheduled to be a 0 hours and 37 minutes long meeting. Present: Kelly Swinks, Katherine Kelbaugh, Andrea Avery, Lori Goldammer, Courtney Glenn, Elisabeth Corkran, Nicky Rosenbluth Not Present: Mark Joyner, Carla Smith, Hope Black

The members considered the following items:

  1. Welcome and Call to Order
  2. State The Museum School Mission Statement and Core Values
  3. Review the Board's Mid-Year Principal Evaluation
  4. Principal's Report
  5. Adjourn

The committee considered 0 motions, of which 0 passed, and 0 failed:

The meeting adjourned at 8:55PM