The Museum School

Facilities Committee

Regular Meeting - Monday September 9th, 2019 @8:30 PM

Meeting Minutes

Attendance Summary

Name Status Arrival Time Departure Time
Alan Locke present chair On Time At Adjournment
Jesse Lincoln not present member
Katherine Moore present member On Time At Adjournment
Ingrid Irby present member On Time At Adjournment
Mike Stewart not present member

Approval of Meeting Agenda

Motion to approve meeting agenda

By: Katherine Moore Seconded by: Ingrid Irby

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve previous meeting minutes

By: Ingrid Irby Seconded by: Alan Locke

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Update on Lighting

One company has visited school and provided estimate. A second company's quote likely to be received this week. Committee discussed need to work around school hours, similar to asbestos removal and abatement needs.

Update on Asbestos Removal and Abatement

Dean Moore provided an update on asbestos removal and abatement, including cost estimates. Three removal companies have met with Dean. Committee members reviewed details of materials and needs, as well as area (square feet). Abatement needs may be separate company but desire one firm to undertake both activities.

Security Grant

All materials need to be in soon,requiring committee to determine project list quickly. Committee has identified needs of: media center security cameras, card access on one door, extend alarm system into media center, access control to teacher meeting room, door contact, and panic buttons for teachers from original security master plan. Draft budget needed by next week.

The Meeting was Adjourned

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:25 pm

Motion to adjourn

By: Alan Locke Seconded by: Katherine Moore

There was no notable discussion on the motion.