The Main Street Academy

Governing Board

May Board Meeting - Tuesday May 29th, 2018 @7:00 PM

Meeting Minutes

Attendance Summary

Name Status Arrival Time Departure Time
Dr. DeAndre S. Pickett not present ex-officio
Fred Parham not present
Tony Morrison not present
Rebecca Dearolph present member On Time At Adjournment
Tha Vin present member On Time At Adjournment
Britton Bateman present vice-chair On Time At Adjournment
Farrah Brown present secretary On Time At Adjournment
Jennifer Fine present chair On Time At Adjournment
Erin Rodgers present member On Time At Adjournment
Dr. Kelly Johnson not present member
Dr. Laurie Jackson-Lee not present
Bianca Motley Broom not present
Cheryl Parker present ex-officio On Time At Adjournment
Virginia Smith present On Time At Adjournment
Dr. Olamide Moore present ex-officio On Time At Adjournment
Laura Calloway not present
Chandra Graves not present ex-officio
Bridgett Bell not present member
Heather Wells not present member

Welcome and Call to Order

The meeting will be called to the order, beginning with the pledge of allegiance.

Accept to the amendments of Agenda

By: Tha Vin Seconded by: Rebecca Dearolph

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

HVAC Presentation

Comfort Systems two pumps installed, one pump rebuilt. An additional pump installed this week. Factory releasing units and here in at the school July.

The prewiring will be done to prep for foundational work.

Unopertable units will be removed first.

Principal Report

Closing School Year FY18

  1. Georgia Milestones
  • 3rd Grade Retest-30
  • 5th Grade Retest 30 (9-read only; 6 math only; 15 both)
  • 8th Grade Retest -30 ( 6 read only; 9-math only; 15 both)
  • physical Science (81% passing EOC)
  1. Summer Instruction ( June 4-22, 8am -12pm)
  • Academy ( 3rd/5th/8th) Georgia Milestones retest
  • Bridge( k-7th) remediation and additional support ( 92 students)

FY19 Pre-planning

  1. Hiring New Staff
  • Final interviews for Media Specialist and Paraprofessional are scheduled this week
  • Spanish and american Sign Language
  1. Open House
  • July 30
  • 3-6 pm
  1. Parent Orientation
  • July 30
  • 2pm or 6pm

Faculty Report

Jessica Monti asked on behalf of the staff when will contracts to be given.


New on -boarding on PTO officers for FY19

Communications Report

Led by Tha Vin. Digital Solutions research on interview software companies.

Finance Committee Report

This report is submitted by the Virgina Smith

April focus is to continue on TRS adjustments and budget for FY18-19

Challenges Need additional banking access for student activity account

Financial Statements in April 2018 our budgeted income was $715K and actual income was $746K. We were over budget by $30K due to ASp and donation income.

In April 2018, our budgeted expense was $683 K and our actual expense was $572K. We were under budget by $111K. Title I teacher was not included part of the QBE budget

In April 2018, we have a surplus of $171K YTD surplus $965K

We have completed another budget draft review school level management

Cash balance is $2.9M in operating account

Based on YTD expense, we have 174 days cash on hand from last month 164 days

TRS penalty is received for $60K and per TRS there will be credits to offset this.

The credit information will be provided by June 1, 2018

Capital Improvements Recommendation: Repave and strip parking lot, LED lighting, New restroom stall and doors

Hand blow dryers in restrooms

Electrical updates for hand dryers

Tent lower half of windows in cafeteria

Renovate basement to classrooms, Repaint hallways and stairways, Paydown down HVAC loan up to 30%, furniture/ equipment, laptops/chromebooks, courtyard add turf, water system.

Project Details:

  1. Clean out basement day
  2. Surplus pickup days scheduled
  3. Schedule bid walk-through

The Meeting was Adjourned

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:57 pm

Motion to adjourn

By: Erin Rodgers Seconded by: Farrah Brown

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Public Comment

Jamila Johnson Pearson suggested the school's bathrooms will be considered for renovation and the entire school cleaning of the building.

Approval of Minutes from Apr 24, 2018

Approval of April Minutes will be approved during June 2018 meeting.

Approve the minutes as submitted

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Benefits Presentation Joe Costa & Associates, Inc.

Virginia Smith brought in a benefits representative, Joey Costa to present about health benefits. It is the goal to be competitive with TMSA's health benefits across fulton county. Joey Costa and Associates is endorsed by the Georgia Charter School Association. The current UHC Plan is receiving a 19% rate increase due in large part to the prescription costs of 6 covered individuals. The total annual prescription cost for these individuals is $300,000. Due to the high prescription costs, only Aetna & Kaiser Permanente returned competitive pricing. Blue Cross Blue Shield declined to provide a quote , and Humana came back so high that they were not competitive. The company has uncovered 2 options for savings on ancillary coverage with Renaissance and Principal. When TMSA's independently obtained benefit plans are compared to other options, TMSA's benefits provide far superior coverage at substantially lower prices. Annual Cost Scenarios: County Plan: $11,300 for certified and $10,154.40 for non certified TMSA Current: $7,904.40 Currently contributes 75% of medical, 70% of dental, 28% of vision, and 100% of Life, STD and LTD TMSA Option 1: $6,490.32 TMSA would contribute $500 toward Medical, Dental and Vision, and will continue to contribute 100% of Life, STD and LTD. TMSA Option 2: $7,690.32 TMSA would contribute $600 toward Medical, Dental and Vision, and will continue to contribute 100% of Life, STD, and LTD. Average Charters: $4,614.96

Motion to Health, Dental, Vision Plans only with cap on Dental and Vision plans if no Health plans. Offer a flat rate $500 monthly/

Motion to add a third option to the employees to health, dental and vision plans.

By: Tha Vin Seconded by: Erin Rodgers

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Communication Discovery Session High-Level Insights Recommendations

Led by Ariana Santiago. Identified 3 area of communication stake holders: parents, teachers and administrators. Point of View Statements Parents - Parents need to exchange information with TMSA in a way that is streamlined and convenient because parents feels overwhelmed and confused in existing structure. Recommendations for Parents Communication Vehicles 1.Create and implement one digital platform 2. Commit to one consistent form of print communications 3. Implement a software solution for integrated communications 4. Train PTO and parent leaders on communications Teachers Point of View Statement - Teachers need clarity on expectations, messaging and less ambiguity from administrators and parents. Teachers Recommendations Communication Vehicles 1. Train teachers on communication channels 2. Analyze on-boarding/orientation communication and improve 3. Create and implement standard communications calendar for administrators 4. Inform teachers before informing parents 5. Collect more data 6. Develop strategies Administrators Point of View Statement - Administrators need to communicate clearly and effectively with parents and teachers. Administrators Recommendations Communications Vehicles 1. Delegate communications responsibilites 2. Develop a school -wide communication startegy 3. Analyze on-boarding/orientation communication and improve 4. Create and implement standard communications calendar and templates for administrators 5. Develop startegy 6. Create and/or update teacher and parent handbooks

Approval of Agenda

Approval of May Agenda. Amending presentations of Comfort Systems, Benefits presentation and Communication update.

Approve the agenda as submitted

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Governance Committee Report

This report is submitted by the governance committee chair. Rebecca Dearolph

  • Voting on new board members.
  1. Compliance & Training - All Ex Officio trainings has to do the training.
  2. Vote In new members Bridgett Bell and Heather Wells, uniamously voted by board.
  3. Vote in Renewal of Tha Vin, Jennifer Fine, Rebecca Dearolph
  4. Vote Jennifer Fine for President, Uniamously and Britton Bateman Vice President.