The Main Street Academy

Academic & School Performance Committee

Regular Meeting - Monday August 24th, 2020 @5:00 PM

Meeting Summary of Actions

Meeting Summary

The Academic & School Performance Committee met on Monday August 24th, 2020 @5:00 PM for what was scheduled to be a 1 hours and 57 minutes long meeting. Present: Dr. Marlon Tempro, DeMarco Mitchell, adam adebisi, Cheryl Parker, H. Champale Brown, Yuvonka Avery, Dr. Kelly Johnson, Dr. Olamide Moore Not Present: Helene Brown, Carla Wagner

The members considered the following items:

  1. Welcome and Call to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Title I School-wide Plan (FY21) - Y. Avery
  5. I-Ready Data - Dr. M. Tempro
  6. Strategic Plan Review
  7. Academic & School Needs
  8. Future Business

The committee considered 4 motions, of which 3 passed, and 0 failed:

  1. Approve the agenda as submitted (proposed)
  2. To approve the agenda (passed)
  3. To review and approve the June minutes at the next meeting in September. (passed)
  4. Move to elect Dr. Kelly Johnson as the ASPC chair for the 2020-2021 school year. (passed)

    The meeting adjourned at 6:24PM